Saturday, May 31, 2008

Friday 5-30-08

OK, so we started of by returning to base and getting our ship repaired and getting our wounds taken care of.
Did some minor betting at the bar.
Got the power droids sold for$810,000, added to ship fund for now.
Took a job to deliver food to Bothawui. Got stopped for inspected in orbit ( all went well).
Delivered cargo and got our $175,000 in the ship fund for now.
Back to Druckenwell to refuel, update charts and pick up crew we hired for the next job.
Flew to Hoth to infiltrate base to pickup small box.
Ace, Griff and hired crew headed out through the woods while Jammer sayed back at the ship ready to dust off when needed (medical rolls did not go so well). Ace and hacker from the crew tried to hack the fence alarm and failed by 2 points. So we had to leave the planet A.S.A.P. before star destroyer could get into range.
Back at druckenwell refueled and other usual maint.
Meet Dioc Starbreaker (Gala Prince) wants our help to get him to Corasant. Offered us $5 million in diamonds (maybe more) to get him in and out.
Took $1 million to purchase cloaking device for "Blackbird" so we can get in and out of the planet.
Ended night with cloaking device being installed and other items to be purchased for "Blackbird"

1000 XP ea for the night.
$810,000 for selling of droids.
$175,000 for food drop.

Money still needs to be split and take care of repairs and other outstanding debt.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Next play date?

How about friday the 30th?

Also just to let you guys know.
I also ordered 2 Millenium Falcons today.
Hoping they will be in before we play next.

Threats of the Galaxy Resource Guide

Bought a new book, got it with a 40% off coupon at Borders, $35 listed down to $21, which is a steal for a hardback rules book. (Snap-snap)

Check it out at the Wizards of the Coast web site

So far I haven't seen much in the game reviews, but just thumbing through it's pages, it looks awesome. More stuff to chuck at you boys... :-)

5-16-08 Session

I know we had mentioned about trying to keep a record of our travels on here also. So here's a recap of last night.

Tried to reach our contact at the Gang of 7 only to find out that the Empire and the Hutt's have
destroyed them.

Meet up with a Rouge squadron rebel base and got our sublight engine and transponder replaced.

Bought a dummy transponder code for our ship. So we now have a clean and a dirty code for when we are out doing our business. Bought 2 Photon torpedo launchers.

Took mission to steal 100 ton of energy droids. We had to wait untill the Hutt's and the transport escort had finished their battle and then swoop in like vultures to steal the cargo.

Came out from hiding behind a moon & attacked the Hutt Corvette. After 4 photon torpedo hits we were able to finish it off with our laser cannons. We were also able to destroy the Hutt's YT transport form the torpedo's splash damage.

Docked and tried to board the transport ship. Doors were locked and we had to hack their computer to let us in. Enter Nick with another natural 20 to get the doors open. Then we were greeted by 27 light battle droids and the pilot of the ship.

Nick and Jod both took some nice hits during the battle but managed to survive the fight and we took out all the droids and wounded the pilot.

Removed cargo from the transport and destroyed the transport from a distance ( no witnesses).

Now we need to find a way to fence 100 tons of energy droids. Estimated worth over 1.2 million credits.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Looks like friday the 9th is a go.

Meet where and when?
my place again 7pm or shall we do Cullen's place around 7ish?