Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Little Upset.

Was cooking dinner last night when it hit me like a ton of bricks.
I forgot and nobody said anything on Saturday.
I could have used the "take 10" option then just rolled for my force points needed to get the 12 I had to get to make the roll.
Had we thought about that or someone reminded us about this, we would still be alive.

I would like to just scratch that night from the books and start over again.

If my guy gets killed from being outmatched in a fire fight that's one thing.
BUT getting killed because everyone forgot about a rule option, that's kinda weak.

Friday, September 19, 2008



Mission 1: Lost out on the bidding and headed back to bar
Ran into Thorian who took our pictures for the bounty still on us.
Had to get Guildmaster to get and go over Thorian's phone to prove he had done so
and after we were all removed from the Guild, firefight broke out.
Thorian after taking several hits pulled out Thermal Detonator.
Managed to kill him and disarm it.
Saved Guildmaster that got us back into the Guild on probation status.

Take crates to Codian Moon area to rescue Frigate
once there have to repair 3 systems
1: Hybernation chambers
2: Patch hull so ship can travel
3: Repair Warp core

Managed to repair 3 out of he 4 chambers
Fixed most of the hull have to finish later
Moved onto the core.
Failed roll
Rolled a "1" instant fail
Ace and Griff killed in the process
Jammer was out on the Warpig out of debris field

Ace and Griff to roll up new characters


Mission 1
Paid $21K for mission rights
Take 40 tons of "Sun Dried Tomatoes" to Columus (Core World)
During ship inspection Ace was able to stop them from Drug inspection
Unloaded cargo and collected $350K

Mission 2
Paid $50K for mission rights to Keldor Captain
Have to destroy Y-Wing factory
Bought Gozanto Cruiser for $50K and 4 proton torpedoes $3,200
Plotted course so cruiser would come out of hyperspace just in front
of the factory. Made skill roll (Ace)
Destroyed factory with over 472 points of damage.
Was unable to destroy storage area of Y-Wings.
$968,000 profit.

Mission 3
Paid $51K for mission rights
Had to protect supply depot at Drukenwell for 5 days.
40 containers of Comlinks.
Day 1: arrived not activity
Day 2: A-Wing arrived tried to contact us
Day3: A-wing returns asking us to leave the area
Day4: Stayed hidden while 2 B-Wings attacked containers
Attacked ships and managed to destroy them, had 23 hit points left.
Day 5: Cargo ship arrived to pickup remaining containers.
Paymet: One container worth $1,000,000

Friday, September 12, 2008

Smuggler's Guild

Joining the Smuggler's Guild

* Captains belong to the guild, registered transponder codes, etc. Illegal useage of transponders frowned upon
If captains don't belong, must apply for charter, fee: 10,000 to attend meetings (monthly fee)

Bennefits (from this star port only)
May attend daily Bid meetings
May apply for Crew hands
May use to fence stolen goods, at a 15% fee of original value, provided not "hot"
Given port of call, street cred, and "protection" from other registered privateers

Rules (from this star Vergesso Star port only)
No firing on, boarding or undercutting another captain's cargo or mission
No joining rival guilds, or belonging to another star port's guild.
Never rat on another pilot, or turn them into the empire