Saturday, May 31, 2008

Friday 5-30-08

OK, so we started of by returning to base and getting our ship repaired and getting our wounds taken care of.
Did some minor betting at the bar.
Got the power droids sold for$810,000, added to ship fund for now.
Took a job to deliver food to Bothawui. Got stopped for inspected in orbit ( all went well).
Delivered cargo and got our $175,000 in the ship fund for now.
Back to Druckenwell to refuel, update charts and pick up crew we hired for the next job.
Flew to Hoth to infiltrate base to pickup small box.
Ace, Griff and hired crew headed out through the woods while Jammer sayed back at the ship ready to dust off when needed (medical rolls did not go so well). Ace and hacker from the crew tried to hack the fence alarm and failed by 2 points. So we had to leave the planet A.S.A.P. before star destroyer could get into range.
Back at druckenwell refueled and other usual maint.
Meet Dioc Starbreaker (Gala Prince) wants our help to get him to Corasant. Offered us $5 million in diamonds (maybe more) to get him in and out.
Took $1 million to purchase cloaking device for "Blackbird" so we can get in and out of the planet.
Ended night with cloaking device being installed and other items to be purchased for "Blackbird"

1000 XP ea for the night.
$810,000 for selling of droids.
$175,000 for food drop.

Money still needs to be split and take care of repairs and other outstanding debt.

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