Saturday, March 3, 2012


Here is the first codex.  A job well done.  (Codex is given)

With Jarvais out of the way, this will set back the Stormtrooper’s super soldier program by 5-10 years. 

Your next target is a bit more complex.  It involves not only an assassination, but the necessity to frame the target or make the empire believe the target took his own life before the actual kill takes place.  Granbar Kalminos (Mon Calamari)  Give them the backstory.
Tiberius Systems develops the latest specs for a Tie Fighter proto-type.   It is kept at a secure star port/factory. 

 A) Kidnap Granbar & Hyjack his personal Assault Gunboat taking it over to his laboratory.
 B) Use his clearences to fly into the Factory, and access his work station
C) Find and Sabotage the Fuel component drives.  (Blow up that part of the factory)
 D) Take the ship back to his home, and stage a fake suicide for the authorities to find him.
 E) Make it seem like you were never there, nor interfered at all.

Back Story to Granbar:
 Granbar was a design engineer, who developed a new warp drive that would allow Tie Fighters (advanced) to warp.  The Empire basically stole/confiscated his design, but later the Empire discovered that they were not able to make the drives work. And so they arrested and sequestered Granbar and held his wife and kids hostage.   They pressed him into working for Sienar Fleet Systems, in Kuat Drive Yards.   (Orbital facility) using his family as hostages.  Every day Granbar had to wake up, fly over to the Factory and do the Empire’s dirty work.  

The Empire knew he would never flee or sabotage, because they had his family captive in a different system.  If he did anything bad, their lives would be forfeit.  He was promised that once enough of his engine proto-types were made and installed (safely) in the new Tie Advanced models, and once Sienar was convinced they had all of his trade secrets, that he would be released and returned back to his home world.
This is where the PCs come in.  The mission is made for them to bust in, get Granbar, make it look like he sabotaged the Engine cores thus destroying the engine proto-types, and in so doing, will also have an unfortunate accident. (Die)    

This mission if successful is then a win-win for the Rebel alliance.  The Advanced Tie proto-type ships won’t get made with warp capabilities, and the sole person who could possibly manufacture them for the Empire will also be dead.  As it will be made to look like a suicide, nobody will know it was Rebel sabotage and the Empire will be none the wiser.

Kuat Factory Ship Yards

Here is a map we will be using tonight.

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