Friday, November 21, 2008

Tank Heist

Here is the mission:

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Sunday, October 5, 2008

New Play Date?

How does either the 17th or 24th sound?
Both are Fridays, so we could do our usual time.
Or maybe we can shoot for a Satuday and play a longer season?

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Future ideas ???

Cullen and I were talking and thought that maybe to help out for future deaths and such that we form a corporation for our Characters.
Now I liked the idea and think it has a lot of Merit. Need to see if others agree and then come up with a means to make it fair.
I like the idea that we are able to buy into the corporation in order to buy shares or some other way to become partners.

Thoughts are maybe we buys shares and depending on how many we get into a group we divide it into equal shares including the corporation that way no one person will be able to get a higher share than others.

Another idea is once you have bought into the corp you become vested and all moneys from missions go to the company and that each time we level up you get a dividend and get paid then.

I say that the Company makes all the equipment purchases. Ships, weapons,med kits and whatever it takes to fit the persons involved.

That way if you die you still can get weapons and items supplied to you by the company.

Just an idea thought I would leave it open to discussion to see what others think

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Little Upset.

Was cooking dinner last night when it hit me like a ton of bricks.
I forgot and nobody said anything on Saturday.
I could have used the "take 10" option then just rolled for my force points needed to get the 12 I had to get to make the roll.
Had we thought about that or someone reminded us about this, we would still be alive.

I would like to just scratch that night from the books and start over again.

If my guy gets killed from being outmatched in a fire fight that's one thing.
BUT getting killed because everyone forgot about a rule option, that's kinda weak.

Friday, September 19, 2008



Mission 1: Lost out on the bidding and headed back to bar
Ran into Thorian who took our pictures for the bounty still on us.
Had to get Guildmaster to get and go over Thorian's phone to prove he had done so
and after we were all removed from the Guild, firefight broke out.
Thorian after taking several hits pulled out Thermal Detonator.
Managed to kill him and disarm it.
Saved Guildmaster that got us back into the Guild on probation status.

Take crates to Codian Moon area to rescue Frigate
once there have to repair 3 systems
1: Hybernation chambers
2: Patch hull so ship can travel
3: Repair Warp core

Managed to repair 3 out of he 4 chambers
Fixed most of the hull have to finish later
Moved onto the core.
Failed roll
Rolled a "1" instant fail
Ace and Griff killed in the process
Jammer was out on the Warpig out of debris field

Ace and Griff to roll up new characters


Mission 1
Paid $21K for mission rights
Take 40 tons of "Sun Dried Tomatoes" to Columus (Core World)
During ship inspection Ace was able to stop them from Drug inspection
Unloaded cargo and collected $350K

Mission 2
Paid $50K for mission rights to Keldor Captain
Have to destroy Y-Wing factory
Bought Gozanto Cruiser for $50K and 4 proton torpedoes $3,200
Plotted course so cruiser would come out of hyperspace just in front
of the factory. Made skill roll (Ace)
Destroyed factory with over 472 points of damage.
Was unable to destroy storage area of Y-Wings.
$968,000 profit.

Mission 3
Paid $51K for mission rights
Had to protect supply depot at Drukenwell for 5 days.
40 containers of Comlinks.
Day 1: arrived not activity
Day 2: A-Wing arrived tried to contact us
Day3: A-wing returns asking us to leave the area
Day4: Stayed hidden while 2 B-Wings attacked containers
Attacked ships and managed to destroy them, had 23 hit points left.
Day 5: Cargo ship arrived to pickup remaining containers.
Paymet: One container worth $1,000,000

Friday, September 12, 2008

Smuggler's Guild

Joining the Smuggler's Guild

* Captains belong to the guild, registered transponder codes, etc. Illegal useage of transponders frowned upon
If captains don't belong, must apply for charter, fee: 10,000 to attend meetings (monthly fee)

Bennefits (from this star port only)
May attend daily Bid meetings
May apply for Crew hands
May use to fence stolen goods, at a 15% fee of original value, provided not "hot"
Given port of call, street cred, and "protection" from other registered privateers

Rules (from this star Vergesso Star port only)
No firing on, boarding or undercutting another captain's cargo or mission
No joining rival guilds, or belonging to another star port's guild.
Never rat on another pilot, or turn them into the empire

Monday, July 28, 2008

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Mos Eisley

Home town on Tatooine. Click on the map to expand.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

6-29-08 Session

Got back to Druckenwell to get supplies and hire more guys.
Made it Courssant and arrived at the mansion. Got in and made it all the way to the Sith Lord
and killed him but it was to late he had already sent the warning. Escape rocket took of and we sent the Blackbird out after it. Escape rocket made it to Star destroyer and so the Blackbird opened fire in an attempt to wound and cripple the ship. Managed to hit and damage it but not enough. Blackbird was destroyed and price was killed. Was able to get a charter ride back to Druckenwell and made it back to the Warpig.
Got a bunch of experience points, but no pay , lost the Blackbird and the Prince in the process.

Was a sad night.

Question for Bonus Feats...

As I was looking around to see what I all needed to do as I leveled up, I noticed something that may be affecting all of us. Our specialty classes (i.e. Scoundrel, Soldier, Jeti, Scout, and/or Noble) indicate that we get additional "bonus feats" accordingly to our class, along with our regular feat add ons as we gain more experience. If that's the case, then I should have a total of 11 feats as a Scoudrel since I'm automatically given 3, plus 1 because I'm human. Then in Chapter 3 Heroic Classes, page 45 says I should have 4 more bonus feats since I'm Level 8. Then on Page 37, I should have another 3 for a total of 11. Also, since there is bonus feats for our specialty class, then have we also been adding talents or attack bonus'? Just wanted to check on it so we could all adjust accordingly. Hope this makes sense!! Thanks again.

The Mansion (on Courssant)

Friday, June 13, 2008

6-13-08 Session

Ok , So tonights missions were are followed.

Had to take Dioc to Kamino for data of the attack onto the mansion.
After coming out of hyperspace we cloacked and managed to make it past ann Empire Fleet in outer orbit. Landed on the platform and managed to kill of 15 stormtroopers. Lost a couple of minor Jedi's in the process, but that's ok.
Ace and Jammer took their lightsabers, which came in handy when we were unable to hack our way through the security doors. Got the info from all 3 data farm rooms and worked out way to the vault. Where we ran into 10 Kaminoans, killed all but the last 4 the surrendered. Led us to the Grand Gallery where we were greeted by a clone of Jango Fett. He managed to kill of a couple of the hired crew. We did kill him of with Jammer delivering the final blow.
Got to the outer doors to the Vault and tried to hack it but failed. One of the 3 remaining Kaminoans making a trade to disarm the alarm in return of one million credits and safe passage for he and is fellow men. We said sure.

Ace got us into the room and we got the last bit of data needed.
had to split up to get out past the Stormtroopers once out onto the deck the two Kaminoans that took the helmets I gave them had their heads blown up. The last one we left in the buildingand took off leaving him behind. Got into orbit and hit hyperspace.

Ace jet again for not being there in person had a great night. Had some good hacks and Killed a bunch of guys in the way.

Another great night. Going to try again for the 28th.

The Vault"

Kamino Mission for tonight

Courssant entrusts not only it's clone making abilities to the Kamino system, but also many of it's security codes. The codes that Dioc needs in order to infiltrate the seat of the Empire are contained on 1 of 3 "Static" (non holo-net) server farms on Kamino's surface.

The mission will require stealth, in getting the PC's down to the surface and infiltrate the server farm in the hopes of capturing the Data encryption codes.

If the power is cut, or the walls breached in an attack, the entire system will go into "Melt down" and the codes will be lost. The only way to get inside will be to "hack" one's self through. Kamino is the water world in Episode II that makes clones (Storm troopers) so you can bet you'll be seeing lots of guards.

Here is a map of the outside of the facility.

Friday, June 6, 2008

Bad Ass Blaster Rifle

Manufactured by BlasTech Industries, the DC-15-series was a range of plasma weapons used during the Clone Wars. While the use of blasters freed a clone trooper from the need to carry projectile ammunition, the inherent instability of plasma gas meant the DC-15A was notoriously difficult to aim. For the well-trained clones of Kamino, however, this was not a problem. The blasters were powerful and deadly in the hands of the specially trained clone troopers. The rifle also sported a telescopic sight, normally stored under the rifle, but could be mounted on top for long range shots.

The weapon's tibanna gas cartridge carried enough gas for approximately 500 shots, depending on the power settings of the weapon. It fired blue plasma bolts that could destroy enemy infantry units.

The DC-15 could interface with the helmets of clones to provide a video gunsight on the clone trooper's helmet display. Mounted on a tripod, the maximum effective range of a DC-15A was 10 kilometers. On maximum power, a shot from a DC-15A could leave a 0.5 meter hole in any ferroconcrete wall.

Later, eight years into the reign of the Galactic Empire, anti-troopers bred on Kamino would used these weapons to fight against the Empire.

Around the time of the destruction of the Death Star, a spacer in the employ of Boba Fett was given his choice of a DC-15 rifle or a DC-15 carbine to destroy Durge.

Sith Campaign Standard issue (equipment)


Light Sabres and Electro Hand Shields +4 to Ref Defense, -1 to AT

1 Military Blaster DC-15A blaster rifle (Storm trooper model) Full license

4 Stun Grenades

1 Thermal Detonator


Sky Blue Storm Trooper Armor, with a Vibro Blade (back up)

weapon attached to the right arm.

Light Amor Type. +6 to REF DEF, +2 FORT DEF, +3 Max Dex, 10 kg


Comlink Long range


Lap Top Computers with Subspace uplink


Level 3 clearance for Imperial matters and codes. (out of 10 levels)

Complete Absolvence from weaponry licensing, legal to use deadly force as necessery

Credit Chip for (reasonable)

Saturday, May 31, 2008

Friday 5-30-08

OK, so we started of by returning to base and getting our ship repaired and getting our wounds taken care of.
Did some minor betting at the bar.
Got the power droids sold for$810,000, added to ship fund for now.
Took a job to deliver food to Bothawui. Got stopped for inspected in orbit ( all went well).
Delivered cargo and got our $175,000 in the ship fund for now.
Back to Druckenwell to refuel, update charts and pick up crew we hired for the next job.
Flew to Hoth to infiltrate base to pickup small box.
Ace, Griff and hired crew headed out through the woods while Jammer sayed back at the ship ready to dust off when needed (medical rolls did not go so well). Ace and hacker from the crew tried to hack the fence alarm and failed by 2 points. So we had to leave the planet A.S.A.P. before star destroyer could get into range.
Back at druckenwell refueled and other usual maint.
Meet Dioc Starbreaker (Gala Prince) wants our help to get him to Corasant. Offered us $5 million in diamonds (maybe more) to get him in and out.
Took $1 million to purchase cloaking device for "Blackbird" so we can get in and out of the planet.
Ended night with cloaking device being installed and other items to be purchased for "Blackbird"

1000 XP ea for the night.
$810,000 for selling of droids.
$175,000 for food drop.

Money still needs to be split and take care of repairs and other outstanding debt.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Next play date?

How about friday the 30th?

Also just to let you guys know.
I also ordered 2 Millenium Falcons today.
Hoping they will be in before we play next.

Threats of the Galaxy Resource Guide

Bought a new book, got it with a 40% off coupon at Borders, $35 listed down to $21, which is a steal for a hardback rules book. (Snap-snap)

Check it out at the Wizards of the Coast web site

So far I haven't seen much in the game reviews, but just thumbing through it's pages, it looks awesome. More stuff to chuck at you boys... :-)

5-16-08 Session

I know we had mentioned about trying to keep a record of our travels on here also. So here's a recap of last night.

Tried to reach our contact at the Gang of 7 only to find out that the Empire and the Hutt's have
destroyed them.

Meet up with a Rouge squadron rebel base and got our sublight engine and transponder replaced.

Bought a dummy transponder code for our ship. So we now have a clean and a dirty code for when we are out doing our business. Bought 2 Photon torpedo launchers.

Took mission to steal 100 ton of energy droids. We had to wait untill the Hutt's and the transport escort had finished their battle and then swoop in like vultures to steal the cargo.

Came out from hiding behind a moon & attacked the Hutt Corvette. After 4 photon torpedo hits we were able to finish it off with our laser cannons. We were also able to destroy the Hutt's YT transport form the torpedo's splash damage.

Docked and tried to board the transport ship. Doors were locked and we had to hack their computer to let us in. Enter Nick with another natural 20 to get the doors open. Then we were greeted by 27 light battle droids and the pilot of the ship.

Nick and Jod both took some nice hits during the battle but managed to survive the fight and we took out all the droids and wounded the pilot.

Removed cargo from the transport and destroyed the transport from a distance ( no witnesses).

Now we need to find a way to fence 100 tons of energy droids. Estimated worth over 1.2 million credits.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Looks like friday the 9th is a go.

Meet where and when?
my place again 7pm or shall we do Cullen's place around 7ish?

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Will we ever play again?

Just kiddin', but it seems like a long time since we gamed, or till we can game again. This weekend doesn't look good for me either. I'm taking a trip to Virginia and won't be back until late Sat. night or Sun afternoon, so I can't schedule anything for this weekend.

That said, I'm itching to game. Sam works in the evenings, and between Jammer's new baby and Ace's work schedule, I hesitate to try and schedule a session during a week night...

Maybe the weekend after this?


Monday, April 21, 2008


According to my count, which may very well be wrong...

I think you guys flew about 19 parsects. So that will have to be refueled.

Also we need to play out your return to home base, since your transponder is now "red flagged" and "might" be reported by a harbor master, or Imperial ship who might happen to be there.

Duckenwell is a major commerce center, and not some back water like Tatooine.

Something to consider.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Galaxy map

Druckenwell - Home Base???

So you guys limped home with your (lightly) damaged ship to the Corporate trade center (formerly of the trade federation) of the universe. You pull into the main ship yard not far from the place you bought "War Pig". The Docks will offer to repair your ship for $5,500 if you'd like. Or you can do it yourself. (make mechanics skill check)

Anyway I assume you'll be looking for more work so when we start up again, you may want to find that bar where Diocletian (the fat guy) can arrange business deals for you. There are three jobs available to choose from as usual:

EASY: Transport 30 tons of pollution "scrubbers" to Geonosis for 55,000
MEDIUM: Run digging equipment to Kessel for 90,000
HARD: Penetrate a highly secure Imperial Site on Corusant, Steal proto-type weapon & plant charge before leaving... 350,000

Some food for thought.

Next play date?

When do you guys want to try and get together and play next?
I have paintball Saturday so for me that leaves only Friday or Sunday.
Or shall we wait till after the Pilgrimage?

Monday, April 14, 2008

Black Falcon

Not sure if you guys know this or not. I found out today that the Falcon was painted a matte black after the death of Chewy.
I think that would be cool looking ,but I could not find any pictures of this.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Space Ship Damage & Repairs

A ship continues to function until it loses all of its hull points, it is then considered destroyed. For the advanced starship rules, there’s a chance of specific systems getting damaged or destroyed after a starship takes more than half its hull damage. Once a Starship has lost at least half its hull points, it rolls a D20 and there is a chart in the Old core rulebook to see if a system (Shield generators, sensors, stabilizers, etc) If a ships HP is reduced to “0” it blows up completely.


Hull Damage: Lost hull points must be repaired manually. A full hour of work is required to repair lost hull points. The result of the Repair (Mechanics skill) check made at the end of the time equals the number of hull points repaired. If a ship’s hull points have been reduced to negative numbers (-1 to -9 inclusive), apply that number as a penalty on the Repair check.
A starship reduced to a -10 hull points cannot be repaired.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Which Ship to Purchase???

Having made a fortune, the party is now faced with the decision to purchase a ship. Grif has done his homework, and has narrowed the choices down to 3 available ships that are within your price range. Each has benefits and disadvantages, so some thought may be needed before deciding on the model you guys will be calling "home".

1st choice
The Class 720 freighter, also known as the Ghtroc 720,
The Ghtroc 720 was 35 meters long and could carry 135 metric tons of cargo in its 55 cubic meter hold. In stock configuration, a fixed double laser cannon was mounted above the slightly raised cockpit. A pair of docking tubes were located on the ship's rear, and each could contain an escape pod. This configuration gave the freighter a distinctly testudine appearance. The sublight engines were located between the docking tube. Like many light freighters, the Ghtroc 720 was often extensively modified for smuggling purposes. 135 tons of cargo space. COST: 98,500 Credits

2nd choice
Gozanti Cruisers were slow but powerful independent transports used by merchants throughout the Galaxy to defend cargo vessels from piracy. Well-armored, these vessels were notoriously difficult to board, much to the consternation of many a space pirate. They were equipped with twin engines at the rear and a belly-mounted sensor array. The ships were purposely designed to protect ships from pirates, and came equiped with multiple laser cannons, quad laser cannons, and a single proton torpedo launcher. To satisfy regulations that ship could not be used by pirates, the ship had slow sublight speed making it useless for raids. Though the ship was used by any many organizations, including Hutts and a number of crime lords, it was never used in a direct act of piracy. 75 tons of cargo space. COST: 150,000

3rd choice
The YT-1300 light freighter was one of the most successful of Corellian Engineering Corporation's freighter designs.

The appeal of the YT-1300 transport was not its basic equipment, however, but its ability to take an extraordinary amount of modifications and alterations. In short, the YT-1300 was reliable, durable, and easy to modify, hence its popularity amongst freighter captains throughout the galaxy.
Like the rest of the YT series, it featured a saucer-shaped hull with external cockpit. The features the YT-1300 was given on the production line were necessary but basic: the off-center cockpit; two escape pods, located on the port and starboard side of the freighter; a laser cannon mounted atop the craft; and about 100 tons of cargo space. COST: 100,000 credits

Welcome guys!

Grif and I were talking, and I thought it might be a good idea to create a Star Wars D20 Blog for us to use between sessions. For example, you guys are thinking about purchasing a ship, and on a blog, it creates a forum where you guys can weigh in on stuff, post helpful links, pictures, maps etc.

It's also a place we can communicate, set game times, role-play during off-sessions during the week, etc.

I'm going to send each of you permission rights, so that you can also publish articles, and make posts. Please accept this. See you at the gaming table tonight.