Sunday, October 5, 2008

New Play Date?

How does either the 17th or 24th sound?
Both are Fridays, so we could do our usual time.
Or maybe we can shoot for a Satuday and play a longer season?

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Future ideas ???

Cullen and I were talking and thought that maybe to help out for future deaths and such that we form a corporation for our Characters.
Now I liked the idea and think it has a lot of Merit. Need to see if others agree and then come up with a means to make it fair.
I like the idea that we are able to buy into the corporation in order to buy shares or some other way to become partners.

Thoughts are maybe we buys shares and depending on how many we get into a group we divide it into equal shares including the corporation that way no one person will be able to get a higher share than others.

Another idea is once you have bought into the corp you become vested and all moneys from missions go to the company and that each time we level up you get a dividend and get paid then.

I say that the Company makes all the equipment purchases. Ships, weapons,med kits and whatever it takes to fit the persons involved.

That way if you die you still can get weapons and items supplied to you by the company.

Just an idea thought I would leave it open to discussion to see what others think