Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Future ideas ???

Cullen and I were talking and thought that maybe to help out for future deaths and such that we form a corporation for our Characters.
Now I liked the idea and think it has a lot of Merit. Need to see if others agree and then come up with a means to make it fair.
I like the idea that we are able to buy into the corporation in order to buy shares or some other way to become partners.

Thoughts are maybe we buys shares and depending on how many we get into a group we divide it into equal shares including the corporation that way no one person will be able to get a higher share than others.

Another idea is once you have bought into the corp you become vested and all moneys from missions go to the company and that each time we level up you get a dividend and get paid then.

I say that the Company makes all the equipment purchases. Ships, weapons,med kits and whatever it takes to fit the persons involved.

That way if you die you still can get weapons and items supplied to you by the company.

Just an idea thought I would leave it open to discussion to see what others think


Ace said...

Griff, you know how I feel about it. Like you said, as long as it's fair...i'm in for it 100%! Once in the corp., there should be a cap that one could use until they put their time into it.

JammerX19 said...

I don't really see the point.

First, those three characters were ROLLING in dough. Maybe more than they should have been for their levels. Hell, we made more money on gambling rolls than we ever did on missions. And the fact that we could just go buy any ship we wanted on a whim is another example. So if we're not cash-strapped, there's no real problem with accruing money or managing it.

Second, we already had a form of corporation. The debits and credits went into the spreadsheet and we all absorbed the losses or the profits three ways. So in that sense, we were company shareholders. We always had the option to pump money back into the ship account if we wanted to, and in some cases we did.

Third, the remark about " one person will be able to get a higher share than others" is obviously aimed at the remaining character in the party. He's senior now, if we're keeping him and adding two new first level guys. If this were the real world, he would be qualified for a larger share of mission profits, wouldn't he? Also, if I'm to play my character in true fashion (ie, mourning the loss of two buddies and grudgingly picking up some new guys), I would have to say that he'd be a little pissed to have the new guys come on board, demanding that we setup some kind of accounting system outside of what had been done in the past.

Don't get me wrong...if there's money needed for your new characters to get ramped up with, there's $870k in the ship fund. I'm just not seeing the benefit to this, whether it be for protecting a player's assets (which have never been in dispute) or for increasing our profit margin (which has never been a problem).

griff said...

Was never thought of as a means to squeeze YOUR character.
Thought it would be a good way to plan for future issues. Since we might have up to 3 more players joinging us over the course of time.
And as far as the ship fund goes that was created with the original 3 so I cannot see that your character would share that with 2 new gus just joining up with you.
We never really did much of that with the NPC's. So why do that with our new characters.
Was just a thought for seting up a means for future players to be able to start and be a part of something that allows then access to ships,weapons and whatever they may need from the begining but cannot afford right away.

JammerX19 said...

I was unaware that we were gaining new players in the future. Who's coming on board?

griff said...

Possible players are Jack,Frank and I do not remember the 3rd person. Now I doubt that they will all be with us all the time.