Saturday, March 3, 2012

Kuat Factory Ship Yards

Here is a map we will be using tonight.

Also will use:

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Irish said...


Kuat Traffic Control was a highly organized system run by KDY that both reduced the number of ships traveling in the Kuat System, but also increased security by a vast degree. The system was based on a concept of staging areas.
Three stations, each dozens of kilometers in size, were positioned far outside the Kuat system proper and the shipyards that surrounded the system. Each of the three ports was assigned a role. Kuat Passenger Port handled all civilian travel to and from Kuat. Kuat Freight Port managed the flow of goods and material into and out of the system. Finally, the Kuat Imperial Transfer Port was a staging area for all military operations in the system, as well as for deliveries of warships.
Each port was only accessible by four systems, two inbound and two out. Passengers entered from the Redrish and theUlion systems and departed to the Drurish and the Kidir systems. Freight was imported from the Monadin and the Horthav systems, and exported to Venir and Renegg. All information on the staging systems for the Imperial port was classified.
Once in the system, all traffic to and from the four ports was controlled by Kuat Central Authority, though during combat situations, warships defending the system can take command of traffic control. Ships inside the system were sent to a number of nav points, and then routed to their final destination within the system.

The PCS will have to figure a way to get into the system and bypass security. Star Destroyers patrol like sharks around the ring, so simply flying in and doing a ‘smash and grab’ will not work too well.