Friday, June 6, 2008

Sith Campaign Standard issue (equipment)


Light Sabres and Electro Hand Shields +4 to Ref Defense, -1 to AT

1 Military Blaster DC-15A blaster rifle (Storm trooper model) Full license

4 Stun Grenades

1 Thermal Detonator


Sky Blue Storm Trooper Armor, with a Vibro Blade (back up)

weapon attached to the right arm.

Light Amor Type. +6 to REF DEF, +2 FORT DEF, +3 Max Dex, 10 kg


Comlink Long range


Lap Top Computers with Subspace uplink


Level 3 clearance for Imperial matters and codes. (out of 10 levels)

Complete Absolvence from weaponry licensing, legal to use deadly force as necessery

Credit Chip for (reasonable)

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