Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Little Upset.

Was cooking dinner last night when it hit me like a ton of bricks.
I forgot and nobody said anything on Saturday.
I could have used the "take 10" option then just rolled for my force points needed to get the 12 I had to get to make the roll.
Had we thought about that or someone reminded us about this, we would still be alive.

I would like to just scratch that night from the books and start over again.

If my guy gets killed from being outmatched in a fire fight that's one thing.
BUT getting killed because everyone forgot about a rule option, that's kinda weak.


JammerX19 said...

I don't know, Steve. Is that an attribute for your character alone, or does every character in the game have this? Is it an intrinsic quality (like your base attack or reflex defense) or is it a feat you picked up along the way? If it's your character's alone, then it's your responsibility to remember what your guy can and can't do during the game. However, if it's an intrinsic quality of all characters in the Star Wars game universe, then you may have a case. Or maybe Cullen can make your character all glowy like Jar Jar and you can come visit us from time to time. :)

griff said...

no everyone has the choice to "take 10" on a roll.

griff said...

remember it's in your best interest too that we stay alive

Irish said...

There always has to be a chance for mishap. Given the delicate situation and danger to the nature of the exposed and volitle warp core, I'd say you had to make the roll.

Taking 10 is for when there is little or no pressure. It's assumed you do something over and over again, until you roll higher than a 10. For example, searching a room. Stating you won't leave a room until you find a particular object, allowing you to take 10 in a particular instance.

This was not that type of situation. You were messing with a very fragile situation, and the chance to "re-roll" simply isn't available to you.

I feel bad about your deaths, but role playing sometimes means loss of a player character. This is never easy, usually rare, but it was never my intent to roast you guys.

As I stated before, had you rolled like a "6", I still would have allowed Jody to sweep in and save the day provided he could make his pilot rolls. You rolled a 1, and I can't change that. A 1 is an automatic failure no matter what. Much as a 20 is an automatic success no matter what the DC check.

Sorry, but those are the rules.

Ace said...

Not to beat the dead horse, but is it stated that there has to be a specific time you can use the "Take 10" option? Irish, you mentioned that the "Take 10" option is for low pressure rolls...is there a rule to say you can't do it for a high pressure situation? Just gotta ask the question. Besides the fact, the whole ordeal no doubt sucked. But if there was a varible that could've been an option that was never mentioned, could that be grounds for a re-do? I'm fine with either decision, however, I would obviously be greatful to get my old character back. I kind of agree with griff on this, in reguards that it could have been an option that we might have been able to use. Ultimately it's up to the DM to make the decision I guess, and perhaps show some mercy??!!

JammerX19 said...

Fellas, I know you worked hard on those characters, and I feel bad that they died. I can't tell you how many of my characters Cullster has killed off over the years. In every instance where that happened because of a snap decision that had to be made and could be done only once, there wasn't much to be done about it. I seem to recall a game where it was my job to fly some guys out on a helicopter. I jammed on the roll and we all died. Nobody felt worse than me about that, and we all rolled up new characters and tried again. We moved on.

To be honest, our characters were getting up there pretty high in levels and it was starting to become difficult for them NOT to succeed at most everything. When that happens, the characters usually get boring.

In short, it's not the arrival at the end that's fun. It's the journey along the way with your characters.