Friday, September 19, 2008


Mission 1: Lost out on the bidding and headed back to bar
Ran into Thorian who took our pictures for the bounty still on us.
Had to get Guildmaster to get and go over Thorian's phone to prove he had done so
and after we were all removed from the Guild, firefight broke out.
Thorian after taking several hits pulled out Thermal Detonator.
Managed to kill him and disarm it.
Saved Guildmaster that got us back into the Guild on probation status.

Take crates to Codian Moon area to rescue Frigate
once there have to repair 3 systems
1: Hybernation chambers
2: Patch hull so ship can travel
3: Repair Warp core

Managed to repair 3 out of he 4 chambers
Fixed most of the hull have to finish later
Moved onto the core.
Failed roll
Rolled a "1" instant fail
Ace and Griff killed in the process
Jammer was out on the Warpig out of debris field

Ace and Griff to roll up new characters

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Ace said...

You forgot about my awesome winnings during the bar gambling! Which turns out doesn't really matter now! (Grrrrrr)