Friday, September 12, 2008

Smuggler's Guild

Joining the Smuggler's Guild

* Captains belong to the guild, registered transponder codes, etc. Illegal useage of transponders frowned upon
If captains don't belong, must apply for charter, fee: 10,000 to attend meetings (monthly fee)

Bennefits (from this star port only)
May attend daily Bid meetings
May apply for Crew hands
May use to fence stolen goods, at a 15% fee of original value, provided not "hot"
Given port of call, street cred, and "protection" from other registered privateers

Rules (from this star Vergesso Star port only)
No firing on, boarding or undercutting another captain's cargo or mission
No joining rival guilds, or belonging to another star port's guild.
Never rat on another pilot, or turn them into the empire

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