Friday, June 13, 2008

6-13-08 Session

Ok , So tonights missions were are followed.

Had to take Dioc to Kamino for data of the attack onto the mansion.
After coming out of hyperspace we cloacked and managed to make it past ann Empire Fleet in outer orbit. Landed on the platform and managed to kill of 15 stormtroopers. Lost a couple of minor Jedi's in the process, but that's ok.
Ace and Jammer took their lightsabers, which came in handy when we were unable to hack our way through the security doors. Got the info from all 3 data farm rooms and worked out way to the vault. Where we ran into 10 Kaminoans, killed all but the last 4 the surrendered. Led us to the Grand Gallery where we were greeted by a clone of Jango Fett. He managed to kill of a couple of the hired crew. We did kill him of with Jammer delivering the final blow.
Got to the outer doors to the Vault and tried to hack it but failed. One of the 3 remaining Kaminoans making a trade to disarm the alarm in return of one million credits and safe passage for he and is fellow men. We said sure.

Ace got us into the room and we got the last bit of data needed.
had to split up to get out past the Stormtroopers once out onto the deck the two Kaminoans that took the helmets I gave them had their heads blown up. The last one we left in the buildingand took off leaving him behind. Got into orbit and hit hyperspace.

Ace jet again for not being there in person had a great night. Had some good hacks and Killed a bunch of guys in the way.

Another great night. Going to try again for the 28th.

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