Saturday, June 28, 2008

Question for Bonus Feats...

As I was looking around to see what I all needed to do as I leveled up, I noticed something that may be affecting all of us. Our specialty classes (i.e. Scoundrel, Soldier, Jeti, Scout, and/or Noble) indicate that we get additional "bonus feats" accordingly to our class, along with our regular feat add ons as we gain more experience. If that's the case, then I should have a total of 11 feats as a Scoudrel since I'm automatically given 3, plus 1 because I'm human. Then in Chapter 3 Heroic Classes, page 45 says I should have 4 more bonus feats since I'm Level 8. Then on Page 37, I should have another 3 for a total of 11. Also, since there is bonus feats for our specialty class, then have we also been adding talents or attack bonus'? Just wanted to check on it so we could all adjust accordingly. Hope this makes sense!! Thanks again.


griff said...

In reading more looks like there are feats that you get on a per level due to experience, and then you get a bounus feat as per your class. The feats come on the odd levels on the level chart (3-1). Then bonus ones on the even as per the class.
So it looks like we were doing something else wrong ??!!

Irish said...

We'll have to get together and figure it out at the next session. I try and take a look at it in the meantime. Don't know when we'll play again.