Friday, June 13, 2008

Kamino Mission for tonight

Courssant entrusts not only it's clone making abilities to the Kamino system, but also many of it's security codes. The codes that Dioc needs in order to infiltrate the seat of the Empire are contained on 1 of 3 "Static" (non holo-net) server farms on Kamino's surface.

The mission will require stealth, in getting the PC's down to the surface and infiltrate the server farm in the hopes of capturing the Data encryption codes.

If the power is cut, or the walls breached in an attack, the entire system will go into "Melt down" and the codes will be lost. The only way to get inside will be to "hack" one's self through. Kamino is the water world in Episode II that makes clones (Storm troopers) so you can bet you'll be seeing lots of guards.

Here is a map of the outside of the facility.

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