Saturday, June 28, 2008

6-29-08 Session

Got back to Druckenwell to get supplies and hire more guys.
Made it Courssant and arrived at the mansion. Got in and made it all the way to the Sith Lord
and killed him but it was to late he had already sent the warning. Escape rocket took of and we sent the Blackbird out after it. Escape rocket made it to Star destroyer and so the Blackbird opened fire in an attempt to wound and cripple the ship. Managed to hit and damage it but not enough. Blackbird was destroyed and price was killed. Was able to get a charter ride back to Druckenwell and made it back to the Warpig.
Got a bunch of experience points, but no pay , lost the Blackbird and the Prince in the process.

Was a sad night.

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Irish said...

Might I suggest you guys maybe go back to running cargo and making money rather than "making war"? It would seem you need to get back to what was working? That said, you guys did get some good experience and made a real splash by killing a Sith apprentice.

You know the Sith lord is going to want revenge??? Best to stay low for a while.