Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Druckenwell - Home Base???

So you guys limped home with your (lightly) damaged ship to the Corporate trade center (formerly of the trade federation) of the universe. You pull into the main ship yard not far from the place you bought "War Pig". The Docks will offer to repair your ship for $5,500 if you'd like. Or you can do it yourself. (make mechanics skill check)

Anyway I assume you'll be looking for more work so when we start up again, you may want to find that bar where Diocletian (the fat guy) can arrange business deals for you. There are three jobs available to choose from as usual:

EASY: Transport 30 tons of pollution "scrubbers" to Geonosis for 55,000
MEDIUM: Run digging equipment to Kessel for 90,000
HARD: Penetrate a highly secure Imperial Site on Corusant, Steal proto-type weapon & plant charge before leaving... 350,000

Some food for thought.


griff said...

got grid locations for those planets?

Ace said...

I say we go Pirate hunting!!! >=]