Monday, April 21, 2008


According to my count, which may very well be wrong...

I think you guys flew about 19 parsects. So that will have to be refueled.

Also we need to play out your return to home base, since your transponder is now "red flagged" and "might" be reported by a harbor master, or Imperial ship who might happen to be there.

Duckenwell is a major commerce center, and not some back water like Tatooine.

Something to consider.


griff said...

I know we were planningon getting with the guy who has been settingus up with jobs or our cantact at the gang of 7 to see about a new/hacked transponder for the ship. but this will need to be done of site from either of the two planets.

Ace said...

I didn't think we were returning to our "home" base as of yet? I thought we were going to some other safehouse type of planet to look for a transponder. Is it possible with my computer skills that I could hack into our transponder and change the codes myself?? Just a question I thought about.

JammerX19 said...

It seems the rules indicate that a fixed transponder code exists for every space ship. I guess that's okay, but it's not how it works in aviation. In aircraft today, you have a 4-digit transponder device that is attached to the radio. When you are taking off or traversing through controlled airspace, the controllers give you a transponder code. It is usually different each time you fly through. You then dial the number into your transponder and every time the radar sweeps your plane, the transponder "sqawks" the number back to the tower. On their screen, they see a blip with your code on it. Now, I don't know how we file flight plans in space but I would assume that you contact somebody and they give you a code. Is that not how it works in SW? If it did work that way, we could make up our own code as we go along. Just playing Devil's Advocate here.