Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Will we ever play again?

Just kiddin', but it seems like a long time since we gamed, or till we can game again. This weekend doesn't look good for me either. I'm taking a trip to Virginia and won't be back until late Sat. night or Sun afternoon, so I can't schedule anything for this weekend.

That said, I'm itching to game. Sam works in the evenings, and between Jammer's new baby and Ace's work schedule, I hesitate to try and schedule a session during a week night...

Maybe the weekend after this?



griff said...

I know nick has reserves this weekend and works next saturday.
I was thinking about maybe next friday the 9th. About 7ish?

Irish said...

What weekend are you and Tracy going up to the cottage? Is that the 17th?
I can't remember.

Yeah, I think I can play on the 9th, provided I don't go up the lake that weekend.


griff said...

yea the 17th is when you said you dad was ok with it.

Ace said...

Update for me: No reserves for me this weekend (3rd and 4th) instead it will be the 17th and 18th as of now unless I can get that rescheduled. I had other plans for that weekend. But the 9th sounds like a plan.