Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Next play date?

When do you guys want to try and get together and play next?
I have paintball Saturday so for me that leaves only Friday or Sunday.
Or shall we wait till after the Pilgrimage?


Irish said...

I just don't see a night that can work. Sam works Friday night till 8 PM, so maybe we can play at my place then? Otherwise Sat is out, and Sunday may be her Dad's birthday.

Then next weekend is Pilgrimage, so I'd say we either play Fri night from 8-10 or else we aren't playing again until probably May?

Other suggestions?

griff said...

well as we talked over the phone we can play my place saturday at our usual time. I should be home about 7pm or shortly after that. but Nick works so we would have toplay without him.
so if you want to do my place saturday say 8pm I'm game

Ace said...

As Griff said, I work this Saturday, won't be at the pilgrimage, and then I have Reserves on May 3rd and 4th. So, as Cull said, it may be a while...for me at least.

JammerX19 said...

I'd like to play Friday night but I can't really afford to be too far from home right now. If Amy goes into labor, she won't drop the kid on the kitchen floor, but time is still of the essence. So if we can't do another Worthington night, I may have to sit one out.