Saturday, April 12, 2008

Which Ship to Purchase???

Having made a fortune, the party is now faced with the decision to purchase a ship. Grif has done his homework, and has narrowed the choices down to 3 available ships that are within your price range. Each has benefits and disadvantages, so some thought may be needed before deciding on the model you guys will be calling "home".

1st choice
The Class 720 freighter, also known as the Ghtroc 720,
The Ghtroc 720 was 35 meters long and could carry 135 metric tons of cargo in its 55 cubic meter hold. In stock configuration, a fixed double laser cannon was mounted above the slightly raised cockpit. A pair of docking tubes were located on the ship's rear, and each could contain an escape pod. This configuration gave the freighter a distinctly testudine appearance. The sublight engines were located between the docking tube. Like many light freighters, the Ghtroc 720 was often extensively modified for smuggling purposes. 135 tons of cargo space. COST: 98,500 Credits

2nd choice
Gozanti Cruisers were slow but powerful independent transports used by merchants throughout the Galaxy to defend cargo vessels from piracy. Well-armored, these vessels were notoriously difficult to board, much to the consternation of many a space pirate. They were equipped with twin engines at the rear and a belly-mounted sensor array. The ships were purposely designed to protect ships from pirates, and came equiped with multiple laser cannons, quad laser cannons, and a single proton torpedo launcher. To satisfy regulations that ship could not be used by pirates, the ship had slow sublight speed making it useless for raids. Though the ship was used by any many organizations, including Hutts and a number of crime lords, it was never used in a direct act of piracy. 75 tons of cargo space. COST: 150,000

3rd choice
The YT-1300 light freighter was one of the most successful of Corellian Engineering Corporation's freighter designs.

The appeal of the YT-1300 transport was not its basic equipment, however, but its ability to take an extraordinary amount of modifications and alterations. In short, the YT-1300 was reliable, durable, and easy to modify, hence its popularity amongst freighter captains throughout the galaxy.
Like the rest of the YT series, it featured a saucer-shaped hull with external cockpit. The features the YT-1300 was given on the production line were necessary but basic: the off-center cockpit; two escape pods, located on the port and starboard side of the freighter; a laser cannon mounted atop the craft; and about 100 tons of cargo space. COST: 100,000 credits

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