Sunday, April 13, 2008

Space Ship Damage & Repairs

A ship continues to function until it loses all of its hull points, it is then considered destroyed. For the advanced starship rules, there’s a chance of specific systems getting damaged or destroyed after a starship takes more than half its hull damage. Once a Starship has lost at least half its hull points, it rolls a D20 and there is a chart in the Old core rulebook to see if a system (Shield generators, sensors, stabilizers, etc) If a ships HP is reduced to “0” it blows up completely.


Hull Damage: Lost hull points must be repaired manually. A full hour of work is required to repair lost hull points. The result of the Repair (Mechanics skill) check made at the end of the time equals the number of hull points repaired. If a ship’s hull points have been reduced to negative numbers (-1 to -9 inclusive), apply that number as a penalty on the Repair check.
A starship reduced to a -10 hull points cannot be repaired.


griff said...

cool, but you have no cost listed.

Irish said...

It doesn't list price, however I'm going to say that 1 Hp (Hull point) costs 100 credits to repair.

Thus your -50 HP costs 5,000 credits to repair. Metal, wires, bulkheads, etc. Sound fair?


griff said...

yea sure